Onshore Facility

Once we have supplied your requirements from the Offshore to Sub-sea pipeline, we can proceed in the completion of your requirements in the Onshore facility regardless of it being a Petrochemical, Refinery, or Transmission Pipeline.

Transmission Pipeline

The PTEC resumes boasts thousands of kilometres of pipeline. We assist in the supply of Pipes, Fittings and Flanges, Fully welded Ball valves, Insulating Joints, Anchor flanges, Launchers and Receivers.

Turbo Compressor Stations

We supply High Pressure and High-Temperature Manual and Motorised valves in different compressor stations.

Power Plants

At PTEC we work hand in hand with our manufacturers to best assist our customers when supplying the best A-Z of piping materials, High pressure and High-temperature valve, Bellow seals valve, and Duplex material.

Wellhead Facility

With a record of over 160 different Oil and Gas field developments in our portfolio, we supply a wide range of Special valves such as Christmas tree, Choke valve, API 6A Gate and Ball valves, Bends, Anchor flanges, Stone trap amongst others.

Petrochemical Plants

More than 25 Petrochemical plants are currently using our manufacturers’ products such as Bulk of Piping materials, Air Compressor, Steam Trap, Strainer, all kinds of Valves such as Globe, Check, Butterfly, and Ball valves.

Offshore Platforms

Over 30 Offshore platforms are using our Gate, Globe, Check and Ball Valves in different projects. We have extremely strong experience in this field, never falling short on our customer’s requirements, always delivering the best results to the highest standard.

Refinery Plants

The Coker Ball Valve for high-temperature slurry application is one of the most superior valves to ever exist. It is also one of the most exclusive products within our range, that we pride ourselves in supplying when required by our customers.